Pain Face does Photo, Video, Brand, and Tech for Strength Businesses, Athletes, and Events.


Where we're shooting next...

East Ave Classic 2

East Ave Barbell

We're heading to East Ave Barbell's annual weightlifting competition. This competition includes the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk and is a USA Weightlifting sanctioned competition. See you on Sunday, January 15th!
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What we've been up to lately...

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2022 Wreck the Halls 2 - East Ave Barbell

2022 Static Monsters - East Ave Barbell

2022 Rochester Rumble - East Ave Barbell

2022 Rituals of Strength - East Ave Barbell

2022.2 Crossfit Open - Canandaigua Crossfit

CrossFit Open 2023.1 - Canandaigua Crossfit

2022 Monster Mash - Canandaigua Crossfit

2022 Cancer Hope Strong - 1st Annual Benefit

2022.3 Crossfit Open - Canandaigua Crossfit

2022.1 Crossfit Open - Canandaigua Crossfit

2022 Extreme Milk Rail Jam - Holiday Valley



How We Work

Our goal is to capture your event and athletes at their best. We pursue broken records, personal bests, celebrations, and failures from atypical angles whenever possible. We want to a tell story to each athlete from a perspective they would never see, and leave them with visual trophies to share with their family, friends, coaches, teammates, and the world.

What's Included

  • Action shots of all athletes performing each exercise

  • Livestream of one camera angle on painface1

  • Event promotion on Pain Face's Instagram and Facebook before and after the event

  • Personal photo gallery delivered to all athletes

  • All photos licensed to Event Director

The Fine Print

  • Pain Face operates in a 100-mile radius of Rochester, NY. We'll travel to Buffalo, Syracuse, and Binghamton at no charge. $50 travel fee for locations outside the radius.

  • Pain Face makes every attempt to get great shots of every athlete, but we cannot guarantee 100% coverage due to event format, facility layout, lighting quality, etc.

  • Livestream requires a high-quality internet connection. Pain Face cannot guarantee streaming quality.



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